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Olsson products have been designed to be extra gentle on hair and scalp as they have been formulated without any of the key and known irritants such as colour, fragrance and parabens. We’ve added Aloe Vera which is known to have a soothing effect on irritated scalps so you should feel a difference to your scalp, even after one shampoo.
Olsson isn’t strictly natural, but we have left out all the nasties such as colour, parabens and perfume. As well as this, the formulation has been certified by the Asthma and Allergy Denmark so you can be assured it’s suitable for people suffering from allergies and sensitivities, combined with a professional formulation so it works effectively cleanse hair and scalp.
Our hair care experts have designed all Olsson products specifically with asthma and allergy sufferers in mind, so we have avoided key allergens such as colour, perfume and parabens which tend to trigger allergic reactions. This ultra gentle formula, has also been certified by the Danish Asthma & Allergy Foundation so you can be sure it’s completely safe to use if you have asthma.
Olsson is mild enough to use on all hair types and is especially suitable for colour treated and processed hair.
The skin on our body and scalp is constantly shedding and being replaced, and when we shower or take a bath, dead skin is washed away. On the scalp, it’s removed during shampooing and rinsing. Scalp skin shedding is more noticeable when there is an imbalance of bacteria on you scalp. It could also be that you aren’t washing your hair frequently enough. Try cleansing your hair more often with a mild shampoo such as Olsson Sensitive, which will cleanse deeply without causing further irritation.
If you have a mildly irritated or flaky scalp , it’s a good idea to look at your lifestyle and diet. You can help improve your scalp health by making a few changes. Dairy products are known to worsen conditions such as flaking scalp and eczema, so try to cut back on foods that are rich in salt, as well as bad fats and sugar. Reducing stress levels can help reduce severity of dandruff too, so try yoga, meditation and relaxation.


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Our brilliant new hair care products are designed with sensitive types in mind, making them particularly suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers. Perfect if you find beauty products tend to make you itch, cause redness or trigger allergic reactions.


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